Success Stories

Been to the Shooter's School or taken private lessons from Bernie? Bought any of our products that helped you? Let us brag on you!
We'll put your success stories here as we get them. Be sure to mail us a picture, too (or email us a jpg).

Here are just a few of the students and their accomplishments.
Among them are some archery icons such as Myles Keller and Ted Nugent, along with a multitude of others that, collectively, have stacked up 85 World or National Championships or set New World Records as a result of Bernie's influence. Just click on the links to the left (alphabetically by last name) to see the photos and learn more about your favorite shooter. Look for more to come!

Included at this time (alphabetical order):

Glen Alexander Paul Arnold Joella Bates
Larry Boone Glenn Campbell Randy Chapel
Joe Church Lonnie Collins Riley Cox
Paul Cybart Marion DeBusk Melanie DeBusk
Tad Dontje Bobby Eyler Jason Favella
Francisco Flecha Bobby Flores Lee Ford
Ellis Gibson Chris Glass Randy Hendrix
Ron Herbert Joe Hicks Larry Hix
Sandra Horton Dave Hryn Jeff Human
Marvin Hundley Myles Keller George Kong
Hollis Lankford Norm Lewis Rene Marbacher
Jamie Martin Mike Martin Cay McManus
Bobbie Metzler Rob Morgan Shauna Morgan
Billy Myers Richard Narey Todd Nelson
Doug Newbury Neil Newkirk Ted Nugent
Kurt Nunlist Tommy Ray Matt Setzer
Patty Sickler Roger Smith Rob Spencer
Jon Stephens Jesse Thompson Sue Weinstein
Wayne Welch John Wheeler Don Williams
Butch Wright Vickie Wright Jeff Wyler

Glen Alexander writes: "I'm one of your followers. I purchased your book and used the empty bale and other tips in your book to steadily improve my scores. I shoot BHFS and use your Knuckle Under release. I went from 282-31X to a 298-44X. I have shot several 300s. My best is a 300 with 54X. I won a local 3-D shoot on my second try. Highest score on the course is 924. I scored 888 and 2nd place was 863. It's a tough course, but it's fun. I also nailed a 3 point (western count, 6 point eastern count) blacktail at 30 yards with the back tension release. It worked just like in practice! Right where I aimed! I'm 65 years old. Some old dogs can learn new tricks! Thank you for the book and all of your help. I'm going to continue to improve." Yours truly, Glen Alexander

Paul Arnold, Pro Shop owner in Marshfield, WI, writes: Dear Bernie, After attending your school and shortening my draw length by 2", and changing numerous other things, I went back home and started shooting the empty bale. It took me 2000 arrows to get the feeling I was after. Next, I shot your reduced target bridge program for a month and then went back to shooting targets. You said that my scores would go down before they came up and they did! But, after about a month my scores started coming up. 300 with 45Xs, then 55 Xs, and one day 300-60 Xs. I now shoot carefree archery thanks to you. Hi, my name is Paul Arnold and I had target panic! Thank you, Bernie.

Joella Bates, five time World 3-D Champion and two time National Champion of Waverly, TN is also the first woman in the world to ever kill an African Cape Buffalo with a bow! She travels all over the U.S. doing dealer clinics and shooting exhibitions for children and adults.

Larry Boone of Pinckney, MI, a graduate of the shooter's school, broke the world record at the IFAA World Championships (Senior Division) with a perfect 600 96XCs. The old record was 594 with 92Xs. He also finished 4th overall at the NFAA Indoor Nationals in Tulsa. Larry credits several tips he learned at the shooter's school ". . . total focus on the X (not the sight) and to shoot sixty one-arrow tournaments, not one sixty-arrow tournament . . . which is the way to get in the winner's circle." Thanks Bernie, Larry Boone

Glenn Campbell of Lincoln Park, MI. Since attending the shooter's school and shortening his draw 3 inches, Glenn placed 4th in Las Vegas BHFS, 1st MI State FITA Indoor, 2nd NFAA MI State Indoor and set 2 Michigan Archery Association state records. He has turned pro and is now routinely shooting 300s with 57-59 Xs. In Feb., 2001, Glenn's 5-man team set a new national record of 3,000 total points and won a Gold Medal at the Canadian Indoor Nationals. At Lansing, MI, for the NAA Indoor Nationals, Glenn placed second behind top pro, Dee Wilde. He has since become a Certified NFAA Master Coach and is eager to share his knowledge with any shooter. Glenn wrote, "I never could have come this far if it wasn't for Bernie and Jan's school and all of the tapes Robinhood Videos offers. I'm living proof that, with the right schooling and a lot of work, you can be a winner, too!" Glenn Campbell, Mathews Pro Staff Shooter

Randy Chapel of Virginia has won both IBO and ASA World titles in the Pro Division.

Joe Church of Toledo, OH, had target panic and was snapshooting. He bought Bernie's PanicMaster and Bow Simulator on Thrusday and won the IBO World on Sunday. The following weekend he won the ASA World in the barebow division. He raised his average 15 points in two days using the Simulator.

Lonnie Collins of Westland, MI became the Metropolitan Archery Assn. Male Freestyle Shooter of the Year. He has since won the NFAA State Outdoor, the Mid-States Marked 3-D in the freestyle class and finished 4th in the Canadian Indoor Nationals. Lonnie wrote to Bernie and Jan, "My wife and I competed in Las Vegas. I wound up winning $900, and since I've seen you twice, I'm still way ahead on the money. I think I'm getting a great return on my investment, and archery is a lot more fun now! Keep telling the truth in your own direct style. Good luck, may God bless you both and thanks for the support!"Sincerely, Lonnie Collins.

Riley Cox of Mt. Sidney, VA, is a young 3-D shooter who had target panic and attended the Shooter's School with his dad. He placed 2nd at the 2nd Leg of the IBO Triple Crown at Erie, PA and cleaned the course the first day with a perfect 200. In 2003 he was "ASA Shooter of the Year" in his division.

From Paul Cybart Dear Bernie, My form of target panic was freezing. It surfaced when I changed from using pins to a scope for 3-D. This led me to get a back tension release. It's amazing how my affliction with freezing totally disappears when using it. However, at first I failed to have confidence in using it outdoors for 3-D, so I would go back to using a regular caliper release . . . and the freezing would resurface. The first time I used the back tension release, I liked it! The second time I used it . . . I shot my best score ever! Then I used it for the first time on a 3-D course at the North Coast Challenge Triple Crown in Conneaut, NY. My son shot the first arrow on target number one. It was a good one; binocular confirmation looked like it was an X (in the middle of the ten). So, I held on his arrow and released. It was a good one, too! When it hit, we heard what we thought was an arrow slap. When we got closer, it was more than that . . . it was a robinhood! Anyway, I used that new back tension release again at a local 3-D event and finished with a 288 out of 300. The new release I bought was one of your Bernie's Can't Punch wrist strap caliper models. Be assured that I will be promoting and recommending this release. Thanks, again, Paul Cybart

Photo Unavailable Marion DeBusk of Cody, WY hosted a shooter's school in 2000. He took 2nd place in the Men's Open division at the 2002 Big Sky Open.

Photo Unavailable Melanie DeBusk of Cody WY hosted a shooter's school in 2000. She took 3rd place at the 2002 Big Sky Open, right behind Michelle Ragsdale and Becky Pearson.

Tad Dontje of Neenah, WI (at the age of 15) won the IBO World Indoor Championships in 2004, one year after attending Bernie's shooter's school.

Bobby Eyler (FS), Dundee, Michigan attended a shooter's school and then went on to win the MBO class at the IBO World Championships at Peek n' Peak, NY.
'06 NFAA 3-Star Tour - 2694 324x
Vegas 599, Indoor Nationals 600, Stanislawski Open 1,195

Photo unavailable Jason Favella of Honolulu, HI has been a long time student of Bernie's. He just won the NFAA Outdoor Nationals in 2003 in AMBFS.

Francisco Flecha, Chicago, IL. Recurve Unaided. "Before completing the 2003 IBO World Championships, I was having problems with every aspect of my shot and was ready to throw in the towel when I caught up with Bernie at the practice butts. We worked on a few things and ten targets later, I took my first World Championship. Thanks, Bernie!"

A letter from Bobby Flores, who attended the school in Myrtle Beach back in 1996:Dear Bernie   Jan, I want you to know how pleased I am with your school. Back in 1996 I attended the school and, like most, put a little bit of effort into it. It helped, but I slowly went back to my old ways. I stopped shooting for about a year and a half because of personal reasons. When I picked up my bow again in 1999, I reviewed your tapes and have had much better results. In 2000, I won the S.E. Sectional 3-D and 2001 S.E. Sectional Outdoor. Going back to school for the second time has really got my confidence soaring again. I will be putting in a lot more dedication into the practice regimen. I KNOW it works! Thanks a lot to both of you, Bobby Flores.

Lee Ford (FS) of Wyoming, averaged 300 with 45Xs and wanted desperately to improve. Lee sold his backup bow so he could afford a "weekend at Bernie's." In less than six months, he turned professional and shot a 58 X 300 and 59 X 300 at the NFAA Indoor Nationals in the Pro Division. Not bad for his first tournament as a pro!
2006 - Eligible for $1,000,000 with perfect 900-Vegas   perfect 600-Indoor Nationals

Ellis Gibson from Arkansas won both the 2002 and 2003 Outdoor Nationals, Senior Pro Male Freestyle division.

At age 15, Chris Glass of Oxford, MI, started taking private lessons from Bernie. In less then one year he set two new world records, one of which was at the 2001 FITA Indoor World Championship in Florence, Italy. As a Junior Division competitor (18 and under), Chris shot the highest score recorded in any class, including the adult divisions. Chris and his two teammates won the Junior Team Gold medal and established two new junior world records (258 Semifinal round and 257 Gold Medal Match). Bernie said, "Since Chris came for private lessons, he has greatly improved and routinely shoots 300 with 57-59 Xs. He has the work ethic, maturity and focus that it takes to make him one of the best shooters in the sport."

Randy Hendrix of North Carolina has won 14 World Buckmaster titles.

Ron Herbert, Lakeport, MI, writes, "I started out in the 260s out of a possible 300 60X indoors. I asked everyone I knew how to shoot better but no one would help me. So I got some of your videos (Volume 1-6) and watched them several times. With their help, my scores rose to 300 and 50 plus Xs with a high of 59 Xs. I couldn't seem to reach the illusive 60X 300 mark. So, I took your shooter's school at JR Custom Archery in Ypsilanti, MI. Four or five months after taking the school and making changes to my mental game, I finally reached the 60X mark in a league in Port Huron, MI. With practice, I finally started averaging 57 plus Xs and have shot a number of perfect 60X rounds. Shooting outdoor field rounds, my average is up to 545-550 on the field and hunter. I have won the Michigan State Field and Hunter Championship, the North American Field Archery Championship, Shooter of the Year AA Freestyle in the Michigan State Archery Association, shot a 1089 at the MI State Field Championships and tied for first but lost in a shoot-off. I also shot a perfect 60X 300 at the Canadian Indoor Nationals."
Thanks for the help, Ron

Joe Hicks of White Settlement, TX, writes: Dear Bernie, I first heard about your class in November of 1996. My girlfriend at the time, asked me if I would like to take the class the following February as a Christmas present. It was the best gift ever!!! Before attending your school I was barely shooting 300s. After taking your class, shortening my draw length 3 inches, and applying your techniques, I'm now shooting consistent 300s and in the upper 50Xs. Since the class I have won several local tournaments, the State Outdoor, the State Indoor (600/113Xs) and the Indoor Southern Sectionals (600/118Xs). Thank you for helping me see more of the center!!!! Thanks again, Joe Hicks P.S.: That girlfriend is now my wife of three years.

Larry Hix attended a school in Baltimore, MD. He won the 2003 Atlantic City Archery Classic in the Senior Male Compound Unlimited Division and came in 2nd at the 2002 Outdoor Nationals, Senior Male Freestyle.

Congratulations to Sandra Horton of Missoula, MT, a Shooter's School and Master Coach graduate, who shot the NAA Indoor Nationals at Salt Lake City in March 2005. She won her division, Master Female 50+ (Compound/Release) with a score of 1118 out of a possible 1200. Her 4th day score of 283 is just 2 points under the national record! Besides this, Sandra has numerous first, second and third place state and national awards that she has earned in the last few years. She writes, "Also I've harvested a 9 point whitetail deer with my bow. Life is good! Thank you for your help. You've made this old lady's retirement a lot of fun." Sandra Horton

Dave Hryn, 47 of West Seneca, New York, competing in the Freestyle Limited Compound Division, set an IFAA World Record for the Animal Round with a perfect 560 score at the North America Field Archery Championships held December 2001 at Homestead, Florida. Dave's 1st place finish at this tournament was his 5th North American Field Archery Championship title. Dave currently holds the IFAA World Record for the Field Round and co-holds the IFAA World Record for the Hunter Round. Competing in the Freestyle Limited Division since 1973, Dave has won 49 State championships, 18 NFAA Mid-Atlantic Sectional championships, the 1999 NFAA Outdoor Nationals, the 1999 Atlantic City Archery Classic and the 2002 Outdoor Nationals. Dave says, "Bernie's shooter's school and personal instruction helped me put together the pieces of my physical and mental shot sequence." Dave also credits the video tapes from Robinhood Videos and Bernie's PanicMaster and Bow Simulator which he used to reprogram that information. Dave is a graduate of the NFAA Shooter's School and Advanced Level Certified Instructor Program as well as a NFAA Master Coach and NAA Level 4 - National Coach.

Jeff Human (BHFS)
Won 2005 IFAA (4 days)
Won 2006 NFAA Indoor Nationals 602-117X
Won 2006 NFAA Mid Atlantic Sectionals, perfect 120Xs
Won 2006 NFAA Stanislawski Open 1,172

Marvin Hundley of Fairfield, Ohio won $1,000 at the Easton Eagle Eye Championship Shoot-off at the 1999 IBO World Championships by beating 292 other shooters. Marvin said, "Bernie taught me a relaxed bow shoulder and how to really focus on aiming while the release goes off by surprise."

Whitetail hunting legend (36 Pope   Young Whitetails) Myles Keller, who shortened his draw length over 3" and cured his target panic as a result of the shooter's school says, "I'm holding twice as steady now and I'm shooting groups so small, I'm hitting my own nocks at 25 yards." When Myles first came to Bernie's NFAA Shooter's School, he said, "I'm freezing so badly that I can't hit a 12" paper plate at 20 yards!" Four months later, he could hit a tennis ball at 50 yards (with broadheads)!

George Kong of Honolulu, HI, was one of Bernie's first students. He later organized and attended an NFAA Shooter's School. George has since won many state championships and regularly shoots 300 with 56-58 Xs. He is also a Certified NFAA Master Coach, operates his own pro shop and frequently coaches shooters in Hawaii.

83 year old Hollis Lankford used to shoot 260 out of 300 until he got Bernie's PanicMaster and Bow Simulator and the NFAA Shooter's School Video Series and began reprogramming his shot sequence. The techniques he learned evidently paid off. Hollis shot a 296 with 37 Xs on the first day of the 2002 Indoor Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri.

Norm Lewis, Channel 2 Weatherman in Baltimore, MD, won the NFAA Mid-Atlantic Indoor Sectionals (SFSL Division) where he shot his first perfect 300, (even in practice!) not long after attending the NFAA Shooter's School. By the way, Norm had only been shooting for one year . . . and he shoots with fingers! Since then, he has won 14 National titles. Most recently, he won the Senior Male Compound Unlimited Division at the 2002 and 2003 Atlantic City Archery Classics.

Photo unavailable Rene Marbacher of Switzerland attended the Shooter's School held in Zurich in 2000. He just took third place in the 2003 IFAA World Indoor Archery Championship in Adult Male FU, shooting a 1198 with 215 Xs.

Usually your scores go down temporarily when you incorporate something new into your shot sequence " but not in this case. Jamie Martin, is a 3-D shooter from Point Pleasant, NJ. A week after attending the shooter's school, he competed in his first indoor tournament, the Atlantic City Archery Classic (2nd biggest in the U.S.). After two days, he was in first place in the championship flight . . . until the last five arrows! Then, the pressure finally got to him and he shot three 9s and two 8s and finished second. That's still not bad for your first time!

Mike Martin of Niagara Falls, NY, a shooter's school graduate, has won two IBO Indoor Worlds, two Canadian National Masters and the CFAA Nationals Team 300 Round Championship, in the Senior Pro Division. Also, congratulations to Mike for his accomplishments at the 3rd leg of the I.B.O. Triple Crown July 8-10, 2005 held in Nelsonville, Ohio. Mike won his division (MSR) with a score of 402-15X. He uses Bernie's Control Freak stabilizers and Bernie's Knuckle Under release.
2006 - IBO Shooter of the Year

Photo unavailable Cay McManus, NFAA Director from Virginia, attended a shooter's school held in June 2002. One month later she won the 2002 NFAA Outdoor Nationals in Adult Female Barebow, and again in 2003.

Bobbie Metzler, has been a professional archer for many years, shooting on the pro staff of two major bow manufacturers. Along with her husband, Don, they owned and operated a pro shop in Elkhart, IN and hosted a shooter's school. After correcting her draw length and giving her tips on shooting form and release techniques, Bobbie has since won numerous NFAA and NAA National tournaments and titles. She has set fourteen new records since attending the shooter's school and using Bernie's proven program.

Photo unavailable Rob Morgan of Billings MT hosted a shooter's school in 2002. He won the Men's Open division at the 2002 Big Sky Open.

Photo unavailable Shauna Morgan of Billings, MT attended a school in 2002 and won the 2003 NFAA Outdoor Championships in Adult Female Freestyle.

Billy Myers of Bedford Indiana won the Pro Male Freestyle Division April 5-7, 2002 at the NFAA Indoor Nationals in Kansas City, MO. Billy had not shot his bow for over 2 years and he had never shot dots or leagues for score in his life. But, before ever picking up his bow, he watched the NFAA Shooter's School Video series over and over again for a month, He borrowed some arrows and followed the shot sequence and aiming techniques that Bernie had on the videos. At the Indoor Nationals, he shot a perfect score of 600 with 120 Xs and ended up in a 4 way tie and shoot off for first place. Billy went on to win that shoot off! Altogether, he shot 156 Xs in a row for the weekend.

Photo unavailable Richard Narey, of Great Britain organized and attended the shooter's school in England in 2000. He just won the European Field Archery Championships in AMBH-R (Adult Male Bowhunter - Recurve) in 2003.

Photo unavailable Todd Nelson of Slayton, MN won the NFAA Indoor Nationals in BFSL.

Doug Newbury attended the shooter's school early in 2002 and won the 2002 Outdoor Nationals, Senior Male Freestyle. Then he won the Big Sky Open in 2003, and placed 5th at the 2003 Outdoor Nationals.

Photo unavailable Neil Newkirk, Neil's Archery, Endicott, NY hosted a school and won the NFAA Outdoor Nationals in 2003 in the Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle Limited.

Ted Nugent, bowhunting rock star said the following after Bernie cured him of his target panic, "The only real remedy I know of is Bernie's Detox Exorcism Program (Ted-ism!). The program is tough, but it's the only way. If you can't absolutely lock on to the target, look into Bernie's proven program "it has changed archers' lives across the land."

Photo unavailable Kurt Nunlist of Switzerland attended the Shooter's School held in Zurich in 2000. He just took first place in the 2003 IFAA World Indoor Archery Championship in Adult Male LB.

Tommy Ray, Dixmont, ME (age 8) had target panic so bad, he was unable to draw his bow. His dad attended the shooter's school and helped him cure his panic. At the World IBO Championships he finished with 100 points (a perfect score) with 9 out of 10 X's, and a robinhooded arrow. He also went to Africa and harvested 3 warthogs and an impala.

Matt Setzer, of New Brunswick, NJ, after reading some of Bernie's articles, he organized and attended two NFAA Shooter's Schools. He spent a lot of time learning Bernie's techniques and reprogrammed them into his subconscious on an empty bale. He has since won 2 State Outdoor Field and Hunter rounds, and set 2 new state records in the bowhunter freestyle division. Since then, he went on to win 2 more state championships and 4 NEETA World Championships. Matt also became an NFAA Advanced Level Certified Instructor and regularly coaches shooters on proper shooting form and mental techniques.

Congratulations to Roger Smith, Winchester, Ohio, a Shooter's School graduate, for taking 1st place at IBO's Spring Nationals in Pensacola, FL. His score was 398 in the Male Senior Division. Roger uses the Bernie's Control Freak Stabilizer System.

Usually your scores go down temporarily when you incorporate something new into your shot sequence " but not in this case. Patty Sickler and PSE Pro Staffer Mike Tokolics demonstrated the knowledge passed on to them by the NFAA Shooter's School. Two weeks later they attempted the near impossible, shooting two tournaments in one weekend. At the first tournament, Mike and Patty won the PA State Archery Assn. 3-D Championship in St. Thomas, PA. The second tournament was one day later where Mike won the NY Field and Bowhunter 3-D Championship, and Patty placed 2nd. This tournament took place in Chemung, NY. (NOTE: The distance between the two events round trip was 784 miles!) Mike says, "It pays to attend a class AAA+ school and gain the knowledge and tools to achieve your personal goals." Thank you both so much! Mike and Patty

Rob Spencer, Dayton, NV, had target panic so bad he could not shoot a 5-spot target. His average was 225. After attending the shooter's school, he now averages 300 with 57X's. He now frequently shoots 300 with 60 X's! and regularly dominates most of the tournaments in his area.

Jon Stephens of Inkster, MI, after attending a shooter's school, at the age of 19, shot his first 300 under the pressure of the toughest and biggest indoor tournament in the world ... the Las Vegas Shoot. His personal best before the school was 285 and he was frustrated to the point of quitting archery.

Jesse Thompson, Vineland, Canada writes: "Good news! I WON! I am now the new Canadian YMR champ. This achievement has brought lots of attention to me and my equipment all over Canada, especially to my Control Freak Stabilizer system and my Missing Link release. I love shooting your gear and I would like to share it with everyone else." Thanks, Jesse Thompson

Sue Weinstein attended a shooter's school in Baltimore, MD. She won the 2002 Outdoor Nationals in the Adult Female Freestyle division.

Wayne Welch of Wabash, IN. After attending Bernie's Shooter's School, won the IBO World 2003 in the PCBH class.

John Wheeler of Beckley, WV writes: "I shot Las Vegas for the first time in 2005. I had been using a thumb trigger release in practice and was doing quite well with it, so I decided to use it in the tournament. The first day I shot a 296 and the second day I shot a 297. I was extremely frustrated, because I KNEW I had 300's in me and the shots I missed were because I used the trigger. Fortunately I had my triggerless Bernie's Knuckle Under with me and decided to use it the third day. I shot a 300 for a total of 893 for the tournament and won $700! Now, I only use the Knuckle Under or Bernie's Can't Punch in any tournament I shoot. Thank you! John Wheeler

Don Williams, works at Schupbach's Sporting Goods in Jackson, Michigan and was stuck at an average of 300 with 50 Xs for over two years. I know a lot of you out there would like to be stuck at 300 with 50Xs, but Don was not happy there. After organizing a shooter's school and getting some personal coaching from Bernie, Don began his reprogramming. Bernie asked him to chart his scores after he came back from shooting the empty bale and began to keep score on targets again. Bernie told him his scores would probably go down before they came back up again . . . and he was right. Don later reported that when he returned to shooting leagues, the first few weeks dipped down to 295 or so with 35 to 45 Xs. As the weeks rolled by, his score came up and by week six Don's scores had returned to 300 and 50Xs. By week seven they were at 54-55 Xs. By the end of the eighth week, they were at 56-58 Xs. His indoor scores now average 57 Xs and, in 3-D, he is averaging 30 points higher since the school. He is presently in the top twenty of the IBO MBR and in the top ten to be Shooter of the Year in 2001. At the school, Don also became an NFAA Advanced Level Certified Instructor and a couple of years later became a Certified NFAA Master Coach. Don loves to coach and teaches what he's learned to anybody that needs help. Besides his regular duties at the pro shop, Don also coaches 170 kids in a winter league. Don says, "Keep up the good work, Bernie. This stuff really works!"

Butch Wright of Dayton, Ohio, was ready to quit archery because of target panic until he attended the shooter's school. He worked hard and mastered what Bernie taught him and went from 292-37 Xs to winning the Ohio State Indoor (over 50 class) the next year with a 300-57X score. He set a new state record with a perfect 300 - 60X, and the next year won again with 300- 59Xs! Butch has also won two indoor state FITA championships and set a new FITA indoor state record. He has also won the NFAA Indoor Nationals, Senior Freestyle.

Vickie Wright of Dayton, OH, attended the shooter's school with her husband, Butch. She has since won the Ohio State Indoor Championship three times and has set five new indoor state FITA records. Vickie now averages 300 and over 55 Xs and has twice won the Indoor Nationals, Senior Freestyle.

Jeff Wyler attended the shooter's school won the 2002 Outdoor Nationals in BHFSL.

Look for more in the future!!!

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